Sometimes you want to take a picture and make a note about your feeling or the purpose of taking that picture.


Photo Notebook provides this kind of function for you.





Here are easy steps to use this App:

1. Click "Photo Notebook" to start this App




2. Click "LIFE" ,"WORK" or "LEISURE" for category of photo

3. Click camera icon to take a picture



4. Click the item to watch photo, write some notes and change its category (Life,

Work, Leisure).



5. Click check icon    to save your notes  




Here are some other functions provided in this App:



1. Click picture to see bigger photo and click again to go back this screen.


2. If you want to edit photo by other App , click   



3. If you want to watch photo by other App: click  




4. If you want to share photo to other App: click  



5. If you want to set your favorite background: click     then select “Set Background”


Don't forget click  to save background.



6. If you want to restore to original background : click    then select “Restore Background”





6. If you don’t want to save changes, click cancel icon  .


7. If you want to delete this  whole itemselect cross icon    .




There are some functions provided in the main screen:



1. Get photo from media center (eg., Gallery)




2. If you want to set alarm to remind you of taking selfie every day( hour),

click alarm icon




3. You can share photo from other App (for example, Gallery, Facebook, Line, etc.) to this App.



4. If you get a new phone, please follow the following steps to copy data from old phone to new phone:


      step 1. Select "Export Data" to export your data 


      step 2. After you install this App in new phone, copy your data from old phone to new phone


      step 3. Select "Import Data" in menu to import your data in new phone.













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